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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

... towards Tomorrow's Learning Support System
NetGens Perspective
CMS - extension of the classroom - seamless partnership - my starting off point for exploring web - see simulations
Visual learner - multimedia approach - more text, more disengaged - to show us in the right directions to good research - some resource links
Too many PDFs - no reading by students
Give us a tutorial
Consider traditional vs. non-traditional students
Development path for CMS that tie with learning paradigm
Web 2.0 - Future CMS
Learning: "How People Learn," multi-pass through learning content, when associated with social aspects, active process, people who is doing is the person who is learning the most,
Lecture, transcript, Handout review, Handout authoring,

Web 1 Web 2
Britannica Wikipedia
Publishing Participating
Personal website Blogosphere
They, the media We, the media
Big content Micro content
Authority Collective
Best seller Long tail
Control Cooperation

Teaching Paradigm Learning Paradigm

CMS 2.0
- Enable mashups
- Enable tagging and bookmarking
- Content management
- Collaboration and team tools
- Themes, not just courses
- Peer tutoring collaborations
- Facebooks, not portals
- Social note taking

Active, social, interactive
"where" the students "are"

CMS - web posting, grades, one-to-many communication

What problems do we want to solve? Fundamental infrastructure tool
Expand the Mental Model: "Course" - learning opportunity
Expand the Mental Model: "Management"
Expand the Mental model: "System"

Several different ways of looking at: courses, campus, multiple campuses

Lecture: No PowerPoint reading; discussions are essential for students to show up
Room for both web 1/CMS 1 and web 2/CMS 2 - need both

Watch student behavior and access what they are doing
Open service buses - SOA - open and common standards
Open Source - when to switch - now, 3 years or 5 years? - no free lunch

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